Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Wee Baby Post

A good pediatrician doesn't cost a pittance.  But the two P-D/T (dental) words are related from way back, from the infancy of the speaking species.

PED(IATRICIAN)   Pa’[O]ODT     Pey-Ayin-Vav-Tet
pa-OOD(T)___________פעוט_________[P-DT -> PD]
ROOTS: The PED of PEDIATRICIAN, PEDANTIC, PEDAGOGUE and PEDERAST is from Greek paidos (child).
In Talmudic Hebrew  פעוט  P[A]OADT is a child or minor;  פעוט  Pa’[O]ODT means small or young.

בת  BahT is a daughter (Genesis 29:10) or a generic term for children (Isaiah 62:11).  See “FETUS.”
Reversing P-T echos  טף  DTaPH  (children - Genesis 47:12) or "little ones" [B-Y and Harkavy].

BRANCHES:  From   טף  DTaPH,  Arabic uses tifl for "child."   "Daughter" in Indonesian is puteri; in Shoshoni (American Indian) it’s pot,
in Tahitian it's poti'i; and in Swahili bi(n)ti.   Putra means son in Sanskrit; RAJPUT is a member of a ruling caste of northern India.

  With the hushed  ח Het/[K]H, we hear only P-T in   פחות  Pa[K]HOOT (less, minor, inferior) . 

A small amount in Sinhala  (Sri Lanka) is pod-dai.  [Mark Feffer].   Other PT terms of littleness include PET, PETIT(E), PETTICOAT, PETTIFOY,
PETTY and PITTANCE.   PETTY, of little importance, has no Indo-European  "root."

 Middle English peti  (small, minor) is only traceable to  Old French petit.   Similarly, PITTANCE, a small amount, only goes back to  the Old French
word for the meagre food allowance in a monestary. 

Like-sounding bilabial-dental words for smallness are at “BIT.”
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