Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Maybe HEIFER is the only English word from the Biblical Hebrew cow,  פרה PaRaH. or FaRaH (FRH à HFR).   As usual with animal names, the world prefers the more generic term (and older Edenic word) :  בקר BaQaR (cattle  -- Genesis 26:14). 
A major clue that this bilabial-guttural-liquid word  Ba Qa R  is the Proto-Earth or Edenic cow is that only the initial- bilabial or the end-liquid drops.
These animals were roped and corralled by Kinneret Pau and myself, with help from the major Edenicists like Fernando Aedo and Regina W.  You've got one? Send it in. There's lots of room.

S = letter shifts: [all vowels are interchangeable, no shifts needed]
S-B = bilabial shift [interchangeable lip letters: B, F,P,PH, V, W],
S-F = fricative shift,[interchangeable whistling letters: Soft C,S,SH,TS,Z]  
S-G = guttural shift [interchangeable throat letters: Hard C,G,K,Q]
S-D = dental shift [interchangeable tooth letters: D, T, TS]
S-L = liquid shift [interchangeable tongue letters: L,R]
S-N = nasal shift  [interchangeable nose letters: M,N]

N = nasalization (extra M or N inserted in the root).
M = metathesis (root letters switch places).

Edenic Cattle     ר    ק     ב Ba Qa R
Mapudungun (isolate of Chile) Cow; liquid dropped Wa Ka
Maya Beef; liquid dropped.
 From Amerind, BUCCANEER was about barbequing meat
Ba Q
Norwegian Calf; M231, S-B, S-L
As English CALF
Ka L V
Old Norse (extinct) Cow; bilabial drop K y R
Pashto, Pushto Cow; غوا reverse, S-G        G Va
Polish Cow, S-B M231 of  Ba Qa R K Ro Wa
Quechua (Inca) Cow; liquid dropped, S-B Vi Cuna
Romanian Cow; liquid drop, S-B Va Că
Russian Cow, S-B M231 source of CARABOU (reindeer,  arctic cattle) Ka Ro Va
Sango  (Central African Republic) Cow: S-G Ba Ga Ra
Sanskrit Wild ox; bilabial drop, S-G Gau Rah
Sardinian Cow; bilabial drop Ba CCa
Serbian, Slovak
Cow,  M231 of  Ba Qa R
(and 2 other similar Slavic cows)
Ka Ra Va
Spanish Calf (especially calf leather) Be Ce RRo
Spanish Cow; vaquero, cowboy, is Span.-Amer., echoes BoaQeR, the Hebrew herdsman,  and is the source of BUCKAROO  Va Ca
Swahili (E. Africa) Cow: reverse, liquid dropped
S-B, Nasalization , N-prefix
N G'o M B e
Swedish Calf; M231, S-B, S-L
As English CALF
Ka L V
Tagalog Cow; liquid dropped Ba Ka
Talysh (Caspian). a herd of cows; rev. liquid dropped, S-B, S-G GoV et
Thai Buffalo; liquid dropped, , reverse. S-B K W y
Turkish, Turkmen, Uzbek Cow; bilabial drop, S-G si Gi R
Ukrainian Cow; M231 of  Ba Qa R Ko Ro Va
Welsh Cow; M132 Resh/R àW Bu W CH
YUPIK  (Eskimo, Alaska)