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All sharing Bet-Koof-Resh, the Edenic words for cattle, to examine and morning must share a
בקר  (V)aQaR is close enouph (M132) to the VRK of AARDVARK to consider the Biblical cattle word as a source for the poor man’s beef: PORK.  The Latin porcus (pig) has a few other possible Edenic etymons – see “FORK” and “GOPHER.
BUCCANEER is another meat word from BaQaR, The Portuguese brought this meat barbecue

Maybe HEIFER is the only English word from the Biblical Hebrew cow,  פרה PaRaH. or FaRaH (FRH à HFR).   As usual with animal names,  the world prefers the more generic cattle term (and older Edenic word) :  בקר BaQaR (Genesis 26:14). 
A major clue that this bilabial-guttural-liquid word  Ba Qa R  is the Proto-Earth or Edenic cow is that only the initial- bilabial or the end-liquid drops.
These animals were roped and corralled by Kinneret Pau and myself, with help from the major Edenicists like Fernando Aedo and Regina W.  You've got one? Send it in. There's lots of room.

Edenic Cattle   בקר Ba Qa R
 (from Dutch)
Poor man's beef: PORK
M132 or BQR à VRK
 Va R K
Ahtna/Athabaskan (N. Am. Indian) Cow; M231, S-G, S-L GILIBA'
Ainu (Non-Asian, Japan) Cow; S-B, liquid drop PEKO
Akkadian (Semitic) bull-colossus, M231of  Ba Qa R Ka Ri Bu
Amharic (Semitic) Sheep; liquid drop Ba G
Andean (Peru) Source of ALPACA, their cattle Pa  C0
Arabic Cow, source of ALBACORE Ba KH aRa
Assamese (Northern India) Cow" width="61" />   ; S-G, liquid drop GORU
Australian Cow; bilabial drop Wu Ha
Basque Cow; S-G, liquid drop Be Hia
Belarusian Cow; M231, S-B KAROVA
BENGALI / Bangla Cow; bilabial drop GORU
BISLAMA (Vanuatu) Cow; M132, S-L BULUK
BOBE  (Equatorial Guinea) Cow; reversal, S-B, liquid drop NKOPO
BOSNIAN      Cow; M231, S-B KRAVA
Bulgarian Cow;  rev., S-B, S-G liquid drop Go Ve do
Cashmiri Cow; bilabial drop Go_Ru
CELTIC (Common, or Proto Celtic) Cow; bilabial drop,  S-G
 W as Resh/R, like COW, cWazy Wabbit Wule,
I mean:  rule
CHEWA (Malawi, Zambia) Cow; N is classification prefix.
Reverse, Nasalization
CHINESE (Hokkien) Cow ,  S-B . Typically:  Edenic reversed and liquid dropped. GU-BU
CHIRAGH Caucasian,
E. Daghestan
Cow;  BQR à QWL metathesis
or M 213 S-B, S-L
Cornish Cow; liquid drop, S-G Bu GH
Corsican Cow; S-B, liquid dropped Va CCa
Croation Cow; M231, S-B KRAVA
Czech Cow, M231 of  Ba