Sunday, February 6, 2011

Contemplating the End.... Yes, Summer

Pasqua (Easter in Vatican City,  from פסח PeSaK[H], Passover,  is only 10 weeks away !
OK it is early February and I'm in Ontario, but one can dream, and plan, and think
of the end of winter.  Regina W. sent in some "summer" words...
and I could see the end.

The new entry:

AEST(IVAL)     QaYiTS     Qoof-Yod-Tsadi

KAH-yitz _______קיץ_______[QTS à AST]

ROOTS:  AESTIVAL, to spend the summer, is from Latin aestas,summer.

קיץ QaYiTS is summer (Genesis 8:22). קיץ QaYiTS is the קץ QaiTS, end (Genesis 6:13), of the agricultural season – see “COAST.”


BRANCHES:   Summer in Italian (estate), Spanish (estio) and even Turkish (yaz) are fine forms of  קיץ QaYiTS with the Koof dropped.  French has the really short summer: ete.  [RW]

The clipped French helps us see the beginning of END, as a nasalized (extra N)  קץ QaiTS, end.  The dental shift from Tsadi/TS (ST in Europe) to D is not needed in Old High German enti (end), Sanskrit antya-s (last) and the theoretical Indo-European base *antiyo, from Sanskrit anta-s, end, boundary.

קץ  QaiTS = edge, border -- see the "COAST" entry.

Endings in time meet endings is space.  Such is Edenics, the language at both ends of human history..

Even among the descendents of Latin, one could predict that some languages would go back to Eden for a burning hot summer word.  Romanian vara and Portuguese verao prefer  בער Bo[E]R, burn – see “BURN.”

The Tsadi TS is always ST in Europe.

For another English A from Edenic ק  Koof/ Q word, see “APE.”
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