Thursday, June 3, 2010

Be A Man, get a Mohawk haircut

In the Iroquois words for “man” spotted by Regina W., note  how the only near-constant is that Gimel-Bhet/G-BH is shifted to KW    (GW in one). Otherwise the liquid in the  M312 metathesis  of  גבר Ge[V]eR  (man)

shifts to L or goes silent.    Only the Mohawk has a nasalization:


 Mohawk: RonKWe,

 Oneida: LuKWe,

 Onandaga: he:GWeh,

 Seneca: hoKWe,

 Tuscarora: Re:KWeh.

Posted from Sefad, where sometimes one can tell that a Hasidic Jew in full costume has lived a previous life.  Under the tefilin (ritual leather straps) of one Chabad Lubavitch beefy guy at
prayer this morning was an arm full of tatoos.

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