Sunday, April 18, 2010

To The Male Pigs Who Sullied the Language of Eden, Even The Queen Is But A Royal Hole.

Once upon a time in the homeland of homo sapiens sapiens,
humans had a pristine language.  We'll call this Pre-Hebrew, uncorrupted pre-Tower of Babel language "Edenic."

Only in the wondrous, clearly  engineered language of Eden is the  אשה  EEYSHaH (woman) or  מלכה MaLKaH (queen) the equal and female counterpart of the איש EESH (man)  and  מלך MeLeKH  (king).  
The Creator, being  both yin and yang, would have it no other way
(reread Genesis 1:27 to understand that God's likeness is male AND female.)   

To not allow a Saddam Hussain-Adolph Hitler type to have the whole planet marching in lockstep, the Creator diversified the one, universal language. Different cultures and languages emerged, which would keep on splintering.
Everyone could still only think in Edenic, but after The Tower of Babel THEY decided what word would designate what.
A woman was no longer an equal, a female man. To Algonquian Indians she was a SQUAW. They were thinking   שוכב  SHOAKHai(V), a mere lay.
Indonesian woman is a wanita, a nasaliled (extra N), scrambled בטן BHeDTeN, womb, belly, source of ABDOMEN.

Slavs called thier wives a  ZeNA , from the Edenic  word for prostitute, זונה ZOANaH: someone to feed in exchange for services. 
The Germans are more polite, but still chauvenistic. Frau, a woman, is the "FERtile" one, from פרי PReeY or FReeY.

Most world words for woman are like "WOMB-MAN."  The womb person.   A woman was reduced to a walking crevice and receptacle for a man's power and pleasure.
These words are often from   נקב  NeQE[V] (hole, perforation),   נקבה NiQai[V]aH is female,  the receiving cavity in modern electronics terminology as well.   נקבה  NiQ[V]aH is also a tunnel or passage;  קבה
Qoa[V]aH is a female pudenda or womb ;  קבה Qai[V]aH is a stomach ; כף KHaiF is "hollow."
In languages like Chippewa (American Indian) ikwe is woman.  Languages with a scrambled form of   נקבה   NiQai[V]aH (female) are no better.
Hawaiian wahine (woman)has the Nasal-Guttural-Bilabial (nose-throat and lip letters) of נקבה NiQai[V]aH (female). Notice how the Koof/Q has shifted to H, and the Bhet/BH to W. The NQV sequence of the Edenic has reversed to a shifted VQN. This an M321 metathesis.

 Similarly, Japanese fugin (lady), reverses Edenic NKV (female/cavity). It uses different Grimm's Law letter permutations, but can you see and hear that Fugin is נקבה NiQai(V)aH (female) backwards. With Edenics we can know W H Y words mean what they do.

There are 100s of more words for woman, but you probably want to know what is behind the name of the most majestic of "woman" words in English:
Q U E E N. Wait. This can't be another post-Babel scrambling of נקבה NiQai[V]aH (female)?! The British QUEEN is merely being called a royal hole?!
To help follow the M231 metathesis here, see Norwegian  kvinne and Swedish kvinna , woman. Maybe you can see how NQV became KVN. 

All this could be disheartening for those who want to see women gain, I mean regain, the equality they were created with. But we have to discover our hidden failings first, before we can work on improvement.

Isaac Mozeson

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