Friday, April 16, 2010


     A CRACK is not a cavity, but a slight

    or weak  hole.  

  חרך K[H]aRaQ is a notch or small gap, as in the latttice windows of Songs 2:9.  It is the source of CRACK.

          חרך K[H]aRaQ  has the Het-Resh subroot

              of  חור   K[H]OAR (hole, see “HOLLOW” ) combined with the Resh-Khaf of רך    RahKH

          (slight, weak    – see “WEAK” ). 

"Crack is Wack"  in slang is a slogan  to warn people that crack cocain gonna mess you up.   WACK is "weak" or uncool.


My other dictionary, with Lois Stavsky and Dani Reyes Mozeson,

is A2Z: The Book of Rap + Hip-Hop Slang (Berkley Books).


Some Hebrew scholar types aint gonna be down wit dat.


Sorry,  I haven't met a word I didn't like.



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