Sunday, March 21, 2010

VIVA the Aleph-Bet

   א-ב  Our  Aleph-Bet  theme of sprouting new life continues with אב

AhBH, green, fresh.   Doubled in   אביב  ABHiBH (spring, Passover time) ,

this gives us VIVID (alive).

The built-in opposite is    אבד     ABHaD,  lost; “perished” in Numbers 21:30.

 Here is the source of OBIT.   


Nasalize      אבד       ABHaD  to get  ABANDON, loss of will to keep serving a cause.  This is the opposite of  עבד [A]hBHahD, to work --

 source of   OBEDIENCE,

The entries "VIVID." "OBIT" and "OBEDIENCE" are in the Edenics CD Dictionary.

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