Saturday, March 27, 2010

those dashing mosquitos

Passover and spring are here, time to get window screens ready.

DTaSH  = to fly, dart - see  the entries "DASH" and "TOSS"

  יתוש  YaTOOSH,mosquito Nature’s small dart is the  

 תיש The frenetically active leaper, jumper and runner is the   TaYiSH ,he-goat   


Japanese tossshin means to rush or dart..




 Another installment of built-in opposites


   בדא   BaDAh is to invent, concoct or lie (I Kings 12:33). ß Reverse the two-letter ב- ד  Bet-Dalet, sub-root to  ד-ב  Dalet-Bet  for דבה  DeeBaH, a factual report (Genesis 37:2).   

                                                                                                                                     דבה  בדא

Bilabial-dental opposites of the infidelity of  בדא   BaDAh are בטח  BeDTaKH (certainty... with related words meaning assurance, insurance, promise, guarantee)  and  עבט [A]VoaDT (a pledge, with extensions meaning aFFIDavits to assure conFIDence).

                                                                                       בדא         עבט    בטח                                                                                                      שפתים  שנים


  בדק BeDeQ, breach, gap  (II Kings 12:6)  M213, S-B דבק  DeBHeQ, welding, soldering together  (I Kings 22:34)…glue                                                                  בדק    דבק    שפתים                                                                                     


בזז BaZaZ, to steal, EMBEZZLE [BUZZARD]    ß Reverse to Zayin-Bhet for זבד  source of SPONSOR [SPEND]   S -B                                      זבד          שפתים    בזז   

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