Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday night dancing

DAnCE is a nasalized (extra N) DahTS (leaping in joyous exaltation).Sabbath ended here in Safed, Galilee with a spirited hour of dancing. Sexes seperate. ORCHID has a root meaning dance, from RIQOOD (dance).

The ancient Middle East didn't have the circle dances of modern times.  Miriam's dance at the Reed Sea was a Mi[K]HOALaH, Het-Lamed/HL root. This involved staying in place, but shaking, and palying the tamborine. That dance retold the crossing of the sea.

There is a dance of shaking like this and tellinga story. It has an H-L sound, just like Het-Yod-Lamed with means trembling.

That dance is the HULA.

Of course Hawaains did not meet Semites. Every human thinks in Edenic.

(Back to my computer in Sderot by Monday. I will be moving up here shortly.)

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