Sunday, January 10, 2010

scraping by with grades and skipping degrees

ה רג ד  DaRGaH (step, grade, rank) is closest to what a DEGREE is, in academics or geometry. The Biblical Dalet-Resh-Gimel extension is מדרגה MaDRayGaH (rung, scale, step, grade) or "steep place" in Ezekiel 38:20, the "stairs" (KJV) of Songs 2:14.   

     ד-ר-גDalet-Resh-Gimel is related to דלג  DaLeG (Dalet-Lamed-Gimel, but an R/L  liquid shift away). It means skipping, what one does when NOT GRADually following the DEGREES or GRADATIONS. In II Samuel 22:30  דלג  DaLeG is bounding over or scaling a wall.  Edenic skipping, then, is the similar, built-in opposite of Edenic going step-by-step..

While דרג DaRahG is to  make steps, GRADuated  GRADes, as in the terracing common in Judea,  גרד GayRaiD  is to scrape, make level, another built-in opposite by metathesis.


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