Thursday, January 21, 2010

the "Paleo-Hebrew" error

Scholars say that "Paleo Hebrew" hieroglyphs preceded "Ktav Ashurit", the "Assyrian Script" used in the Torah.

But curvy letters from the quill-ink new technology is not older than a boxy (straight lines) script made for chiseling into stone.

All the artifacts support the Paleo hypothesis, which is taught as historical fact. So, are the Dawinists right that the Aleph-Bet, origiinal Alphabet, evolved from humans drawing glyhps? Like a curvy line for MaYiM (water)... thus the M-sound. The Torah Mem/M is not a drawing, perhaps not human. If anything is depicted, it is the human mouth, with the "Nose" on the left making it like Noon/N, a nasal.

Most writing from the ancient period is in Paleo because the scribes took it underground. The masses were forgetting Hebrew for Greek and Aramaic.
The ancient Japanese clerics similarly brought their sacred script -- phonetic, not pictographic -- underground, because the masses were swept away by Chinese culture.

So the misnomer "Ktav Ashurit" doesn't mean that the Torah script was developed in Babylonian Exile. This is when Ezra the scribe returned to the non-scribes the ORIGINAL Aleph-Bet.

The Torah Aleph is not a glyph of an ox. Its Bet/B may indicate
2 lips (bilabial) -- but not a BaYiT/house. Furthur research will reveal the truth.

The topic is treated in length in The Origin of Sheephes (

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