Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hebrew Number Meanings (1-10)


With the Sound and Sense, the Music and Meaning of EDENICS (
 [  ] = name of entry to see in the 2000-page E-Word: Edenics Digital Dictionary. Biblical citations, and designed, similar synonyms and antonyms are in each entry. Color coding helps you see the sounds.

Menorah of 7 interchangeable Edenics letter/groups, the color code:
 lip-made  (red); throat-made (brown), tooth-made (blue), nose-made  (green),
 tongue-made  (pink), whistling  letters (orange).
1)  One ( אחד  EK[H]aD)  is the loneliest number.  Like the graphic of one, it is thin, sharp,
      חד  K[H]aD, with a solitary plane. The fisherman returns home with but a single catch.
      Only one finger is sheepishly displayed. The family must go hungry.  [ACUTE]

2) Two  ( שנים  SHNaYiM) isn’t much more, but it does infer a difference,  שנוי SHeeNOOY
     and, paradoxically,  repetitive,  שני  SHaYNeeY.  At least there’s twice as much to sink one’s
     teeth into. Teeth,  שנים  SHeeNaYiM, also change food, and make it different with repetitive
     action.  And we get two sets of teeth.  [ CHANGE]

3) Three (שלוש  SHaLOASH) is the first real number, a multiplicity… not just the difference between unique singularity and otherness.  There is a שלשלת SHaLSHeLeT, a chain (not Biblical, but attested Semitic)  a sequence.  Enough to SLICE up for distribution.   שלשם SHiLSHoaM is three days ago, a few days in the recent past (Genesis 31:2).

 Numbers 4 -10 can reflect a hunter-gatherer’s increasing joy at accumulating desired objects:

 4)  at four, ארבע ARB[A]h, he has many or רב   RahBH (Genesis 33:9).  Reverse  ב-ר  Bhet-Resh to
       hear FOUR. [RIFE]
5)   חמש K[H]aMeSH, five, echos  קמץ  QaMahTS, handful  -- which echos HAND, COUNT and CENT. Returning home with five fish, the hunter can proudly flash a full handful of fingers. [COUNT, HAND]
6) at six,   שש  SHaiSH,  he is joyful or  שש SahS (Psalms 119:162). [PEGASUS]

7) at seven,  שבע SHe(V)[A]h,   he feels satiation or  שבע Soa(V)[A]h (Genesis 41:34).

8) at eight,  שמונה  SHMOANeH , he has more than enough, and is rolling in fat surplus or   שמן SHeMeN  (Genesis 27:28). Go to the 8th letter/number, ח  HeT, to hear EIGHT. [EIGHT]   

9) Unsure of  תשע TeSH’[A]h, number nine. Perhaps there’s some  תשש TiSHahSH, weakness, in just falling short of the glory of having two full hands worth (10). On the positive side, a תשועה  TiSHOO[A]H is a deliverance.  Dee J. Powers adds that nine months is the deliverance number in human gestation.

10) The hunter-gatherer who came home with ten ( עשר [E]SeR ) edible items was immensely rich (עשיר [A]SHeeYR ) and had much happiness (אשר OaSHeR ). His family was well taken care of; he could now barter for whatever was needed.   [RICHES]